Call Centre Capabilities

Our call centre capabilities include:

  1. A Tracker system which works in synergy with our full range of CAFM systems to provide accurate attendance times to site.
  2. Every item of Artic work activity, PPM, Reactive or Projects is implemented and controlled via our CAFM systems.
  3. Our field workforce use tablet and Android technology which achieves fluid workflow, instant data capture and immediate ability to look up individual works and asset history when on a client’s site
  4. 24/7 Contract and Helpdesk support which have individual dedicated portfolios so as to offer a seamless delivery and constant point of contact.
  5. The Operations and Helpdesk team has the skills to work with many different CAFM systems including our own system Tessearct and that of Planet, Planon, Famis, and Piranha Shire.
  6. Centralised Hosting for a client’s Complete Call history and PPM/compliance data.
  7. Provision of full supportive documentation to comply with all industry and SFG20 codes of PPM practice, on a per asset format.
  8. Dedicated  client protected portals to ensure transparency of works is achieved in line with SLA and robust reporting of performance is at the clients fingertips.
  9. All Artic contract and helpdesk operatives are provided the opportunity to undertake core ILM Management and Customer Service Training, with many progressing to complete their BTEC National in HVAC.
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