Building Fabric

Building fabric maintenance has often been seen as a reactive task, something you only need to consider once something has already gone wrong but at Artic  we are committed to systematic and long term support of many of our clients, to pre-empt issues before they become problems and therefore ensure buildings are maintained in the best possible condition throughout their life.

We currently undertake refurbishments of existing buildings and take on new build projects of up to £500,000 for clients in both the residential and domestic sectors, including the provision of many additional elements including architectural design services, planning and building control applications, preparation of specifications and tender documents and the management of the competitive procurement process.

We are able to advise on the likely out-turn cost of potential projects at the cost planning stage to ensure you are working within budget.

We can also manage the full design and installation of detailed electrical and plumbing services including central heating installations, in both new build projects as well as the upgrading of existing services.

Our services have been further expanded to include development and pre-purchase advice including pre-purchasing surveys of both residential and commercial properties for investment purposes.

We recognise how important your business premises are and how it is one of the biggest assets of your business and ensuring it is fully functioning and offers exactly what it needs to succeed and provide the facilities required without a hitch. Through integrating the valuable and essential skills of our highly qualified workforce Artic is able to offer building fabric services that ensure both new build and refurbished buildings are provided with the solutions they need across a wide range of different elements of the property in question.

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