Making our fleet greener

Posted on 23 November, 2018 by

Carbon emissions are still extremely high across the globe, so anything that we can do as an SME to reduce the environmental impact, makes a world of difference. There are lots of areas within our business where we have acted to become more environmentally friendly. Recently, we changed our company vehicles, in total 23 vans.

Our main aim was to try and keep emissions to a minimum. We assessed our current vehicle fleet, we looked at fuel consumption and the average MPG (miles per gallon) of each vehicle. In order to make our fleet greener, we bought vehicles with lower CO2 emissions with higher MPG. Several of the vans were exchanged for Peugeot Partners, these have lower C02 emissions and they fall into a rating of A. We were also able to remove the worst performing vehicles altogether.

We are proud to keep the green initiative at the forefront of all our employee’s minds, we encourage efficient route planning, maintaining correct tyre pressure and the removal of excess weight from the vehicles – these have reduced the amount of fuel used and all help to reduce emissions.

In the future we look to purchase Electric Vans (EVs). We hope to contribute to improving air quality, reduce climate change, and reduce overall CO2 emissions in the World.

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