PROJECT: 122 Leadenhall Street

Project Outline:

Artic were recently approached by one of the world’s leading transporters and distributors of liquid petroleum gas (LPG) who are located in the prestigious 122 Leadenhall Street building known as the Cheese Grater.

The challenge ahead was to create a bespoke maintenance solution for all compliance, air conditioning, fire and suppression systems that were recently installed and linked to the Landlord services.

As the assets were brand new, our solution took into account the need to protect all existing warranties as well as the need for close liaison with the Landlord in order for us to carry out the service.

All intrusive works are performed outside normal working hours ensuring the impact on working staff is minimal and they’re able to work without disruption.

We also established financial performance based KPI’s and SLA’s in order to help them better judge the effectiveness of the contract that’s in place.

The client awarded the contract to Artic based on our open and honest approach throughout the process, our independence, cost savings, responsiveness and the absence of any potential conflicts of interest.

Given our closeness to the facilities management industry, we’re no stranger to KPI’s and metrics that uncover areas for continuous improvement, and we’re proud to be working with this client in trying to improve the cost-effectiveness and efficiency of their building services.
This client is clearly trying to make their building services and working environment better, and Artic are only too happy to assist.

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