PROJECT: Balfour Beatty

Project Outline:

Artic were originally chosen by Balfour Beatty Workplace to support their on-site Maintenance & Engineering teams with Refrigeration Maintenance & Engineering Support at the clients 4 offices in Croydon and Fenchurch St (London).

Over a short period of time this escalated to supporting with the I.T. cabling Infrastructure at the clients Shoreham Office and Mechanical Remedial Works in Brighton.  Building Fabrics has also been added to the range of trades requested to support Balfour Beatty Workplace, and Artic have expanded from being a supplier/subcontractor to forming a partnership.  This partnership is enforced with both companies meeting Balfours’ clients and advising of the best cost effective solution, with minimal disruption on the day-to-day running of office life.

During this time, Artic have also provided consultancy support where an internal chiller required sound insulating from a main building due to sound reverberating through the slab floor.  The client received a full diagnostics of what remedial works were required with decibel and sound frequency readings.  A ‘menu’ of which works were required and the different benefits available were presented to the client.  This resulted in a comprehensive project involving replacing pipework bellows, anti vibration mounts plus ensuring the chiller and associated plant had no direct contact with the buildings slab roof resulting in a significant reduction in mechanical sound being transmitted through the building.

Artic Building Services ‘can do’ and ‘there is a solution’ attitude, with the understanding that we are able to support the clients’ and their staff’s needs has strengthened the commitment we receive along with our 24/7/365 availability that Balfour Beatty Workplace require.

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