PROJECT: Bouygues – KCL AHU Refurbishment Project

Project Outline:

8 Month Progress Report

8 months ago, following an extensive tendering procedure, Artic were appointed as the selected M&E contractor who’s mission it was to complete the refurbishments of the air handling plants at both the Franklin Wilkins Building and New Hunts House at Kings College London, working directly for Bouygues E&S FM.


An important aspect of this project was the building validation and scoping work detailed before the work commenced. Artic took into consideration that the buildings needed to remain fully operational throughout the project whilst not exceeding client budget and as a result this would preserve the existing air handling plant for an additional 15 years.

A temporary AHU was built on the site prior to any refurbishments, to ensure that the services were not disturbed for the duration of the project. The temporary AHU can be both utilised for both sites supplying each of the 18no AHU’s as they are individually refurbished.

Following the validation, the requirements for each of the units were established and a timescale of 6 weeks per unit from offline to fully operational was set. The refurbishments included the replacement of coils, fans, motors, valves, pipework, inverters, louvres, VCD’s, the interior shelf of the units and any other related BMS alterations.


A logical programme and agreed timescales has allowed for the smooth running of this project with efficiency at the heart of operation. It was recognised that due to the age of the units there would be times when these would fail prior to the pre-agreed refurbishment dates. Artic ensured that these units would be prioritised in order to get them fully operational as quickly as possible; using extra labour to minimise disturbances and to eradicate any opportunity for programme delays.

This project has been programmed over a 2 year period with the work commencing in September 2015.

Artic will be providing updated progress reports throughout this project duration.

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