PROJECT: Henderson Global Investors

Project Outline:

When Henderson Global Investors, based at 201 Bishopsgate in central London, realised they needed improvements to a sector of their air conditioning system they called in Artic Building Services to propose a rapid solution.

Henderson realised that the existing air conditioning system located in their 9th floor IT room was not providing sufficient cooling capacity for the new servers being installed, Artic stepped in to propose a suitable replacement system which would both up the level of cooling provided for the equipment but also utilise the existing services in place. Offering an integrated solution was our task and once we put together the full plan for a solution we agreed a date for installation and the full works to be carried out, at a competitive cost. All works were carried out using the latest and most appropriate Mitsubishi equipment, to ensure that precision and efficiency were maintained throughout the project.

As a company who have a busy and hectic schedule during traditional business hours Artic carried out all works outside of normal working hours to ensure no disruption to the company’s day to day business. This was one of the many reasons Henderson are one of our very satisfied clients. Another reason for this was our no-nonsense and efficient approach to the works, recognising that there was no need to consistently bother the client throughout the process. The client themselves said they had expected to receive several phone calls out of hours throughout the project and so he was very pleased when we had no reason to interrupt or concern him and made no phone calls during the project, only at the end to notify him that the works had been fully completed successfully. Our success also means that Henderson are interested in working with us in the future and we have been invited to provide proposals and costs for all future works at their premises.

Henderson Global Investors is an international investment company with a strong reputation in their industry and an international profile which sees them employ more than 900 members of staff worldwide and their Bishopsgate premises is there head office for the whole company and therefore needs to be in the best possible working order for the benefit of the whole company. Through working with Artic Building Services Henderson were able to ensure their newest hardware and essential servers are able to run functionally without any risk of overheating, powering the companies networks and systems with ease.

Artic are extremely pleased to have worked with Henderson and proud of the works completed, delivering professional, high quality services with zero disruption to the client’s business.

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