PROJECT: Lloyds Banking Group – Verdi Project

Project Outline:

Having been awarded the contract from Wates Construction Ltd Artic Building Services began the process of designing the mechanical and electrical installations. The project started on the 1st of December 2012 with the part stripping out of all the original fitting and fixtures on the 5thfloor, a total of 35,000 square feet. The removal of the ceiling enabled the installation of new ducting and modifications to some of the existing duct work for the ventilation and air extract systems. Heating and cooling is facilitated by the installation of Trox fan coil units, these were connected via SAV units to both chilled and hot water supplies, the whole system being controlled by a new head end located within the security room and installed by Carrier BMS.

A big foot system was installed on the roof to accommodate new Mitsubishi and Denco condensers which supplied close controlled units in the new communication room. Two new Emerson 60kVA UPS systems are kept cool with Mitsubishi fan coil units. Due to the sensitive and important nature of these rooms leak detection systems were installed into the fan coil units and at floor level which was linked into the BMS to warn of any liquid being present. A gas suppression fire safety system completed the works in these rooms which operates in conjunction with the newly installed 5th floor fire alarm system.

With 23 satellite offices and over 300 operatives being accommodated in the main office area, each with a computer and telephone, cable tracks were created under a false floor to accommodate the many kilometres of electrical cabling required.

Innovative lighting systems were employed in many areas including senior management offices, branch and club areas.

The 300 desks were serviced via electrical under floor Busbar system with 5m tap off lead’s installed to provide power to each desk via Rotosoc RCD desk modules via floor grommets.

Artic Building Services undertook the commissioning of the 5th floor starting with power flushing of the chilled water system followed by water sampling and chemical treatment. Working closely with the Carrier BMS team enabled the air flow and fan coil water supply to be finely tuned to optimum efficiency.

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