PROJECT: Royal Mail Maidstone Sorting Office

Project Outline:

Following a major review of current operations the Royal Mail decided to build a new sorting office to be situated at Maidstone. Construction started in 2012, the building was too have a main sorting hall with a floor area in excess of 1500 m2, mezzanine floor offices, ground floor offices, public collection area and washroom facilities.

Following the completion of the outer fabric, Artic Building Services Ltd was awarded the contract for the Mechanical and Electrical fit out. Work commenced in July 2012 and was scheduled for completion and hand over to client within 12 weeks.

With the installation of the 250 amp electrical incomer and distribution boards, work commenced on the plumbing, heating, lighting and office fit out. The sorting hall is illuminated by high level lighting running along cable tracks. Ever conscious of the need to trim energy consumption and reduce the carbon footprint this lighting was supplemented with PIR activated task lighting. Three hour emergency lighting, with self-test facility, was installed in strategic positions throughout the building, linked to a central test point.

High level gas fired warm air heaters were installed, assisted by de-stratification fans, to heat the main sorting hall. Further energy reductions were gained by employing Daikin heat reclaim ventilation units, whereby stale warm air in the building heats cooler fresh incoming air prior to being vented to atmosphere. The heating and ventilation system is controlled by a Trend Building Management System.

The high fire risk in a building such as this, with large quantities of potentially flammable material, was mitigated by the installation of a Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus (VESDA) fire alarm system. The project was completed on time, on budget and to complete customer satisfaction.

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