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When talking about Artic Building Services the first thing to mention is that we have been trading for over 20 years, committed to providing a broad package of Mechanical and Electrical solutions to our clients across the UK.

This primary function is delivered through our experienced workforce, many of which we are proud to highlight have been a product of home grown talents, who now command Supervisory and Management roles within our growing company.

Artic’s engineers and Managers have a proficient history working across a diverse portfolio of mobile and residential sites. We have an industry leading reputation for delivering our services within acute and controlled environments. As a result, we are fully familiar with HTM, SFG20 and other compliant working practices and ensure zero impact is experienced when working within such sensitive areas.

This is achieved with clear communication from inception to completion, together with the entire dedicated team understanding the needs and wants of each client, tailoring our services accordingly.

Through our 18 years of trade and with our expert team of engineers we have been able to build up an extensive portfolio of clients, which you can see on  our clients page. Furthermore read up on some of our interesting projects and happenings on our news and blog page.


Technical Engineering Resources+

We are adept in providing mobile and residential engineering teams to support all FM needs of our clients. Our extensive and expert team of 70 plus, in house engineers have full training and industry qualifications across all core AC, Refrigeration, Chiller, Heating, Plumbing and Electrical disciplines. They are deployed to certain areas within the UK and through our full suite of CAFM  technologies are allocated works in unison with their skills base using the latest tablet and PDA mediums for seamless workflows and data capture.

To supplement our internal resource, Artic has established an extensive support and supply chain who can offer correlating expertise, industry compliance and genuine 24/7 coverage. We use our ISO standards for aggressively qualifying such parties and yearly audits are completed on each contractor and supplier to ensure their compliance and business continuity process meets our standards.

Customer Charter and Quality Assurance+

We have ISO 9001 QA accreditation and this requires our commitment to the continuous improvement of our customer service and satisfaction levels. We regularly ask our customers to complete an annual survey form to rate our service performance against a range of contract and SLA criteria.

We use the feedback we receive to ascertain areas for improvement in line with our contractual commitments. This activity is also an influential driver to allows us to build in continuous learning and the direction in which to go. By asking our customers for their thoughts we can build a service that truly suits their needs and evolves around what works for them and is enhanced to ensure consistency and high levels of quality across the board.

To complement such client feedback we have a robust internal QA schedule which supports development and appraising of our field performance. This is undertaken by Managers, Directors, and MD’s of Artic so that we all keep our finger on the pulse for pro-acting to making the engineer’s working life more efficient and identifying needs that we can realign in synergy with our ISO standards. Our Quality, Environmental and H&S policies are available upon request.


Please complete the Artic Customer Satisfaction Survey.

Health and Safety+

Our industry is one where health and safety is a key area of importance and it is something which we take very seriously. Health and safety at Artic Building Services is driven top-down for sound business as well as legal reasons. We are committed to minimising risk and loss in all their various forms. It is a core element to the successful delivery of all our operations. Our strategic approach is based on the principle that we must protect everyone involved in and affected by, the company’s activities.

Our health and safety systems are accredited to OHSAS 18001 and we also have fully trained and accredited in-house safety officers as well as working with an external expert organisation to monitor, support and audit our documentation. We want to ensure our clients get a service which is safe as well as efficient and successful.

Artic Building Services reinforces its commitment to health & safety by enforcing its monthly HSE training agendas to ensure all field and office personnel are kept informed of changing legislation and at the same time strengthening our methods and safe systems of work. Our Quality, Environmental and H&S policies are available upon request.


Service Delivery and Sustainability+

We appreciate and understand that the primary offer of a proactive, flexible, responsive and informative 24 hr maintenance and repair service is business critical to our customers.

Our key tool for delivering this level of service is our Computerised Maintenance Management System called Tesseract which is a web enabled system with its own browser which has been developed to perform all FM task management and cost demands.

Its structure and user friendly operation allow Artic and our clients immediate access to accurate data and activity reports on each of our Service Level Agreements (SLAs), whilst reducing paperwork and bureaucracy.

Our field engineers also have business PDAs so they have full access to Tesseract and can access full call history of plant and works whilst on-site, allowing faster, more efficient results for our clients.

Artic Building Services have embedded in its ethos the research and use of sustainable sources for its maintenance and project works, particularly in respect of consumables, use of transport and recyclable materials.

Our ISO 14001 accreditation has provided a platform for environmental management within its premises and on site activities whereby the approach to the management of environmental issues are formalised and the auditing and documentation process can be used with our clients in the management or assist in the obtaining of similar accreditation if not already obtained. Our Quality, Environmental and H&S policies are available upon request.


You can download the Artic Sustainability Policy for more information:

Artic Sustainability Policy


The Future of Artic Building Services+

We are a company excited about the future as well as being proud of our growth so far. We are committed to offering an ever evolving and diverse range of maintenance and installation packages and are aware that our expertise and ability to consistently deliver on our promises has been the driving factor for our continued growth.

We also recognise the need for continued growth within our company and to ensure it is measured and analysed. We understand our market intrinsically and know that to continue to be a leading service provider we must always adopt a proactive and at times exclusive approach to all our operations.

Our company will progress and continue to grow as we invest and raise our awareness in technology, training and human resources, which we see as central to effective progression.

Our Employees+

“Grow our own”

We take pride in our high staff retention rate and our ability to train and develop staff with our “grow our own” policy. We ensure that all of our employees are afforded the opportunity to enhance their technical skills, develop within Artic, and more importantly, develop the skills which are relevant to our client’s needs.


Our apprentice programme employs several new apprentices each year, giving them the opportunity to work in and experience multiple areas of the business before committing to a trade. By investing in young people, we are investing in Artic and the wider industry.


Our specific measures for training and development of staff instil a level of ownership upon the engineers so that they take pride in Artic and the work they do. Artic have a high retention of engineers ensuring that their hard work is rewarded in the form of remuneration, bonuses and awards. We operate an ‘employee of the quarter’ scheme where any of our employees can be nominated and acknowledged for going ‘above and beyond’.


We listen to our employees opinions and encourage innovative thinking. We record these suggestions on fresh thinking cards where on a quarterly basis we pick the most innovative suggestion and award that person for taking the time to come forward.

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