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At Artic, we specialise in supporting your transition to a greener future. Partnering with you, and our specialist supply team, we will develop a tailor-made plan to your organisation. We have the resources, equipment and experience needed to tackle carbon emissions at sites of all sizes while managing any facilities challenges we face.

Conducting a comprehensive audit of your site, we will review your energy consumption and identify ways to improve your usage and reduce your energy bills. We always benchmark our solutions inline with industry and carbon accredited protocols to ensure we’re following best practices to achieve exceptional results.

Our projects team have installed numerous energy efficient heat pumps, electric industrial boilers and other highly efficient cutting edge asset technologies. These changes will help to reduce your energy costs and comply with new building regulations.

We will also look at the option of fitting LED lighting, installing smart sensors and daylight harvesting which can offset the amount of energy needed in different areas within your buildings. These quick changes can achieve significant energy savings annually.


When a BMS is incorrectly configured, it usually results in your assets performing inefficiently and increasing the environmental impact of your building. Utilising your BMS system, we will critically assess the performance of your systems and assets and continually monitor and optimise control strategies to reduce energy waste and improve energy efficiency.

Our condition-based maintenance specialists will monitor the real-time condition of your site’s assets and respond whenever they see energy saving opportunities or signs of decreasing asset efficiency. We will send alerts to our CAFM system to trigger maintenance tasks before a failure occurs or asset performance drops below an optimal level.

Thermal imaging forms a major part of our condition-based maintenance programs. We use portable infrared cameras to identify assets that are overheating without the need for shutdowns to conduct inspections. Once heat abnormalities are picked up by our thermal imaging, we will schedule a planned shutdown and perform necessary maintenance to get your assets running efficiently again.

It’s estimated that HVAC systems account for around 40% of worldwide carbon emissions. We have unique expertise in optimising HVAC systems and reducing their energy consumption by up to 30%.

We achieve these energy savings through tailored maintenance plans which focus on optimising your HVAC system’s performance. As part of this plan, we will utilise techniques such as:

  • Installing smart sensors
  • Retrofitting energy efficient motors and equipment
  • Business Critical Maintenance
  • Monitor building use & occupation density
  • Flexible adjustment of controls scenarios

We manage a range of FM contracts, addressing energy management at large sites serving the Higher Education, Healthcare/NHS and Commercial sectors. We have the resources, equipment and experience needed to tackle carbon emissions at sites of all sizes while managing any facilities challenges we face.

Whether you want to equip your building with replacement energy efficient plant or develop an energy management maintenance plan to help achieve your net zero goals, we can help.



By reducing your energy usage, we can significantly reduce your energy bills. Going green pays!

Ensuring a maintain and repair culture reduces your carbon footprint on new plant – and reduces your long-term FM costs.


As the internet shines a light on business practices around the world more and more buyers judge a potential supplier based on their sustainability and green credentials. Energy efficiency doesn’t just save money – it can help you win business.

Health at Work

Eco-friendly options are often healthier for your employees. Maximising daylight, improving air quality and reducing chemical usage all help to keep your staff happy and healthy.


Legislation is becoming tighter on environmental issues. If you stay ahead of the curve then you can make sure you don’t have to pay a premium for green products after they become mandatory.

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Something as small as kicking in the AC at 21 instead of 20 degrees or running the heating for 5 minutes less in a day can have a huge impact. We’ll assess your usages then help you make the changes needed.

Client Quotes

Just wanted to take a minute to thank Artic for the excellent support and works at London South Bank University. I've continually driven my agenda that in part includes a strong Artic presence on-site, our relationship is great and I want contractors I know deliver. The way I always phrase it is "Everyone will make mistakes but Artic always rectify them with no fuss".

London South Bank University

Terry Wicks (superstar). Terry has been very helpful over the last week. He popped into Lavington Street each morning to check the system. He made changes to see if we could right the wrong. He explains everything in a language that I understand. In other words, he doesn't blind you with science. Terry is also a lovely chap and an asset to your team.

Kings College London



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