Experts in Energy Management.

You need to give your staff the right environment to keep them comfortable and productive. You also need to know that your energy bills are under control and your environmental CSR is up to scratch.

We’ll make that happen.

Reducing the cost and environmental impact of your building services-related energy consumption is one of our highest priorities.

We’ll critically assess the performance of all your systems, utilising your BMS system to reduce energy waste and maximise performance. Improperly configured BMS systems account for up to 20% of building energy usage. By linking our energy management efforts with planned preventative maintenance, we maximise the whole-life benefits of your assets.


By reducing your energy usage, we can significantly reduce your energy bills. Going green pays!

Ensuring a maintain and repair culture reduces your carbon footprint on new plant – and reduces your long-term FM costs.


As the internet shines a light on business practices around the world more and more buyers judge a potential supplier based on their sustainability and green credentials. Energy efficiency doesn’t just save money – it can help you win business.

Health at Work

Eco-friendly options are often healthier for your employees. Maximising daylight, improving air quality and reducing chemical usage all help to keep your staff happy and healthy.


Legislation is becoming tighter on environmental issues. If you stay ahead of the curve then you can make sure you don’t have to pay a premium for green products after they become mandatory.

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Something as small as kicking in the AC at 21 instead of 20 degrees or running the heating for 5 minutes less in a day can have a huge impact. We’ll assess your usages then help you make the changes needed.

Client Quotes

Just wanted to take a minute to thank Artic for the excellent support and works at London South Bank University. I've continually driven my agenda that in part includes a strong Artic presence on-site, our relationship is great and I want contractors I know deliver. The way I always phrase it is "Everyone will make mistakes but Artic always rectify them with no fuss".

London South Bank University

Terry Wicks (superstar). Terry has been very helpful over the last week. He popped into Lavington Street each morning to check the system. He made changes to see if we could right the wrong. He explains everything in a language that I understand. In other words, he doesn't blind you with science. Terry is also a lovely chap and an asset to your team.

Kings College London



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