Distribution Board Replacement


Artic Building Services successfully completed the distribution board replacements at a University in London. The project aimed to replace the existing Miniform panel boards (X 13) that had reached the end of their lifecycle and faced obsolescence of related parts. The University sought to upgrade its electrical infrastructure to enhance reliability, comply with safety standards, and avoid potential disruptions caused by aging equipment. Artic Building Services was entrusted with the task of replacing the panel boards and MCCBs across multiple floors, while adhering to strict safety guidelines and minimising operational disturbances.

Project Overview:

Prior to the commencement of the replacement project, Artic conducted extensive surveys and validations on the electrical loading and capacity to determine the most suitable replacements. After careful consideration, Artic technically recommended Schneider panel boards, considering factors such as parts availability, lead time of materials, and the need to fit the new units directly into the existing space to avoid additional costs associated with re-routing or re-running supplies and loads.

The project was planned in collaboration with the client, considering the educational nature of the building, which required flexibility in scheduling as certain areas had to be prioritised at specific times.

Execution of Works:

The project was carried out over eight weekends to minimise disruption to the university’s daily operations. The pre-start phase involved following the incumbent maintenance provider’s LOTTO isolation procedure to ensure safe working conditions.

Each weekend’s schedule began with safe isolation procedures, ensuring that all electrical circuits were de-energised before any works commenced. The Artic team then removed and labelled or re-fed and re-loaded cables from the existing panel boards, disassembled and removed the old units, and installed the new Schneider panel boards. Thanks to the precise selection of the replacement panels, no cable or containment modifications were required, streamlining the installation process.

Thorough dead tests were conducted to verify that the electrical circuits were disconnected and safe for work. Upon successful dead testing, the new panel boards were energised for live testing, in compliance with the BS7671 2020:A2 regulations. Waste removal and disposal adhered to relevant regulations at the end of each weekend’s work.


Upon completion of the project, Artic offered a day of training to the university’s estates staff on the operation and maintenance of the newly installed Schneider panel boards. Additionally, comprehensive Operation and Maintenance (O&M) manuals, including the results of dead and live testing, were provided to ensure proper understanding and management of the upgraded electrical infrastructure.

Successful Completion:

Artic Building Services successfully replaced the existing Miniform panel boards with Schneider panel boards and MCCBs across multiple floors of the Universities premises. The project was executed efficiently, adhering to safety protocols, and within the specified timeline. The university now enjoys an upgraded electrical system, enhancing reliability, safety, and compliance with current standards.


The distribution board replacement project carried out by Artic demonstrated their expertise in handling complex electrical installations while prioritising safety and minimising disruptions. The successful replacement of the aging panel boards has improved the Universities electrical infrastructure, contributing to enhanced customer satisfaction for both students and staff.

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