Artic Building Services Ltd consider achieving improvements in energy efficiency to be a key facet of our broader commitment to reduce our energy consumption as part of our goal to achieve Net Zero. Artic Building Services Ltd is committed to responsible energy management and will practice energy efficiency throughout all our premises, plant and equipment, wherever it’s cost-effective. This policy outlines our aim to embed energy efficient practices into our processes, including throughout our premises, plant and equipment by reducing energy waste and our dependence on fossil fuels, whilst raising awareness of sustainable energy issues and increasing our investment in the design of more sustainable materials and technologies. Artic is committed to continual improvement in environmental standards, to minimise our impact on the environment, to protect our employees, clients, specialist contractors and the public.

It is the policy of our company to pursue high standards of Environmental Management as an integral part of efficient management of the business and ensure that the relevant decisions help embed efficiency and environmental awareness into everyday business.



The company will comply with all legislative requirements pertaining to the environment as the minimum standard.


The development of systems and procedures that deliver the high standards sought and provide for:

  • Well maintained plant and systems of work that are safe and without risk to the environment.
  • A reduction in our dependence on fossil fuels by investing in renewable energy.
  • Raising staff and client awareness of the need for energy efficient practices, including by providing adequate information, instruction, training, and supervision to enable work to be carried out without risk to the environment by competent persons.
  • Designs which will regard the energy usage and environmental impact during their preparation, construction, operational use and maintenance after completion.
  • The reduction of the environmental impact regarding our energy consumption.
  • The management and correct usage of sustainable and natural resources. E.g. Solar, Wind etc.
  • Consider in the design and service process the control of noise, dust, odours, vibration, traffic movements, or other nuisance/environmental effects which may cause offence or inconvenience to the local community and its environs.
  • Controlling energy consumption to avoid wasted expense.
  • The correct disposal and overall reduction of waste including recycling. (Scope 3, renewables, external considerations, for example incineration of waste)
  • Investigate and consider sustainable and energy efficient alternatives.


It is the responsibility of all Artic employees to play a part in protecting the environment whilst working. We also have a dedicated team of employees who deal directly with all things Environmental and Energy Management. This is our Artic Zero team and comprises of the below team members:

  • Colin Trowell (Managing Director)
  • Paul Lucas (Managing Director)
  • Lizzie Lowe (Compliance Manager)
  • Kevin Turner (QHSE Administrator)
  • Leanne King (Tender and Marketing Manager)
  • Derek Parker (Head of Business Development)
  • James Frost (Head of Service and Maintenance)
  • Andy Mayo (Senior Tender Manager)
  • Keith Hewitt (KCL – Global Business Relationship Manager)

Reviewing Performance

We will develop and review energy performance indicators (EPI’s) to ensure that this policy is being implemented effectively: This will include:

 Annual environmental and energy objectives/targets; set during our annual management review and quarterly Health & Safety meetings.

  • The use of energy consumption data to establish Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to drive performance improvements.
  • Increasing and monitoring staff and client awareness.
  • Encourage continuous improvement in energy conservation by employee participation and feedback.

Review and revise where necessary environmental and energy practice annually unless legislation dictates otherwise.

Colin Trowell                                                      Paul Lucas

Managing Director                                              Managing Director

Artic Building Services Limited

July 2023