Introducing Artic Zero – Solutions to reduce your carbon footprint and move toward Carbon Net Zero


Positive steps towards a net zero community

Artic Zero specialises in working with businesses like yours to reduce carbon emissions.

Our experienced team improves environmental efficiency through facilities and energy management.

Net zero is balancing the levels of carbon emitted into the atmosphere and the carbon removed from it. For your business, that means any emissions generated must be offset to keep the balance.

But it’s not a quick fix – it takes time and dedication to reach net zero. If you want to work towards becoming net zero, but don’t know where to start, that’s what we’re here for. Work with Artic Zero to define your plan and avoid overwhelm.


Lower your carbon emissions

Increasing environmental awareness

Improve overall efficiency


Support and create pillars of responsibility

Reduce energy spend

Artic Zero

We practise what we preach, take a look at what Artic Zero have done so far and our plans moving forward

Defining a net zero business

Climate change has caused disaster-level extreme weather in recent years.

It’s time everyone starts making positive changes to avoid further irreversible damage to our planet. Your business needs to play its part by cutting emissions.

To protect future generations, there is no time to waste. We are all responsible.

Do you need any guidance or support with achieving your Net Zero goals?

An energy-efficient future

The UK Government has pledged to become net zero by 2050. Soon, supply chains will demand businesses to prove their carbon efficiency. 75% of the world’s biggest companies expect to stop working with suppliers who are not reducing their environmental impact.

Working towards net zero now will reduce the risks against your business. Becoming more energy efficient will protect your business from current energy shortages and rising costs. Act now to beat the trend and stay on top of your competition.

Reach net zero in 3 easy steps

To understand the best way for you to reach net zero, Artic Zero follow a three-step process tailored to your business.

Understanding net zero

First, we help you understand net zero. We discuss what it means to you, your priorities, and how to use data of your current usage to inform future decisions. The Artic Zero team can educate employees and create a net zero environment that benefits everyone.

Improve governance & culture

Next, we work with you to identify opportunities to improve your day-to-day operations. Looking at what changes you can make to improve efficiency in your premises, workforce, policies, and transportation. Here, our facilities and energy management experts set goals specific to your situation.

Build an advantage over your competitors

We look at ways you can become the best in your industry. That can be offering certificates for compliance or working on building your reputation as an energy-efficient business. This will reduce the risks to your supply chain and influence key buying decisions. Your ultimate objective is to enhance your business by reducing its negative environmental impact.

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What our clients say

Terry Wicks (superstar). Terry has been very helpful over the last week. He popped into Lavington Street each morning to check the system. He made changes to see if we could right the wrong. He explains everything in a language that I understand. In other words, he doesn’t blind you with science. Terry is also a lovely chap and an asset to your team.

Kings College London

The way your team have applied themselves and delivered over the past 18 months is second to none and this has only reinforced the relationship. It has also given me kudos as I brought you in, so thank you. I know that Peter and Danny are both new employees but whoever is doing the recruitment needs a huge pat on the back. They have been incredible. Technically, attitude, application are all top draw. They really are (after 1 month) the go-to guys on site. Feedback from colleagues, staff and students has been positive in regards to reaction times and job done first time.

University in the South East

Greig has done a great job on the monthly report and we spoke with all parties on our to keep the system working as efficiently and raise any concerns at the earliest opportunity. Please say a special thanks to Greig for his desire to make sure the Planet PPM system works as well as possible to not only achieve the SLA’s but also as a system to make sure we have a reliable and robust record of the good work we carry out on a month to month basis.

Sainsbury Welcome Centre