As an integral part of one of the worlds largest banking groups, ICBC Standard Bank UK keeps a keen eye on energy costs and its corporate environmental impact. Its customers rely on the bank to control costs and meet its obligations towards the wider community and the latest climate change emissions reduction targets

When ICBC Standard Bank noticed their cooling energy bills start to rise, they turned to Artic as their long term maintenance provider for suggestions to improve efficiency, reduce their energy bills, and enhance their corporate efforts to minimise the overall environmental impact of the business.

The residential Artic team of engineers and administrators took up the challenge and began logging energy use from a wide range of cooling plant within the UK flagship offices in London over a yearly period. This work pinpointed a particular chiller providing year round cooling to the banks 24/7 operation that was operating with decreasing efficiency and a replacement was proposed.


Rolling four month average energy use by chiller graph



The reduction in energy consumption against an unchanged load is shown in the graph.

With the new chiller installed in February 2019, the average lines show a 23.3% decrease in average energy use post installation. The fluctuations on the plotted line illustrate the varying cooling load nature of the banks operations.

Energy analysis by Artic residential maintenance team highlighted the possible cost savings for the bank The Artic project team proposed a future proof solution using HFO refrigerant so reducing the banks environmental impact Installed and commissioned by the Artic project team over a single weekend avoided any operational downtime for the bank.

Average Montly energy saving 4,106 kWHr

Energy bill savings per year – £6,405.30

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