LED Lighting Upgrade London


Artic had the privilege of partnering with a leading London university to undertake a vital LED lighting upgrade project in their research laboratories. The primary aim was to replace the outdated fluorescent lighting with energy-efficient LED technology. This case study aims to showcase the collaborative efforts, careful planning, and successful execution of the project, highlighting Artic’s commitment to delivering exceptional electrical solutions.

Pre-installation Planning:

Before commencing the project, Artic invested significant time and effort in meticulous planning. We ensured full compliance with all relevant regulations, including British Standards and local authority guidelines. Thorough inspections were conducted to verify the absence of asbestos hazards, prioritising the safety of everyone involved. Working closely with building services and safety teams, we implemented measures to mitigate risks and protect valuable equipment. Our waste management plans and clear communication channels ensured a smooth and organised installation process.

Site Surveys and Installation Planning:

In close collaboration with building performance specialists, Artic conducted detailed site surveys to gain a comprehensive understanding of the project requirements. We actively engaged with lab managers, incorporating their valuable insights into our plans. This allowed us to tailor our approach, ensuring minimal disruption during the installation and optimal handling of high-value equipment. Our commitment to thorough documentation guaranteed efficient project execution.

Scheduling the Installation:

Artic and the specialist worked collaboratively to create a well-structured installation schedule that prioritised the needs of the University. We coordinated closely with lab managers to minimise any inconveniences and interruptions to their vital research activities.

Impeccable Execution of the Installation Schedule:

With utmost precision and professionalism, Artic executed the installation in accordance with the agreed schedule. We understood the importance of quality workmanship and accountability, which is why we diligently captured “before” and “after” videos for each space. These recordings allowed us to monitor progress and maintain transparency with the project’s stakeholders.

Successful Commissioning:

Artic, successfully completed the commissioning process. We valued the feedback received from lab managers, as it helped us identify and address any minor issues promptly. Ensuring the functionality and satisfaction of our clients was always our top priority.

Final Actions from Commissioning:

To ensure a seamless transition, Artic meticulously planned the delivery and installation of Thorlux lighting (various types and models) and accompanying appliances such as the SmartScan gateways and switches. We prioritised minimising any disruptions when replacing the existing fixtures with the new energy-efficient LED lights.

Illuminating Energy Savings:

One of the significant achievements of the project was the remarkable energy savings attained through the installation of LED lighting. Using advanced data loggers, Artic collected and analysed energy consumption data before and after the upgrade. The results were impressive, revealing substantial reductions in energy usage on the ground, third, and sixth floors. These savings align perfectly with the University’s sustainability goals and contribute to their commitment to reducing carbon emissions.

The following graph provides a comparison of energy consumption before and after for the three floors.



Artic is genuinely grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with a Leading University in London on their LED lighting upgrade project. Our dedicated team, along with our client-focused approach, ensured a successful outcome. We humbly appreciate the positive feedback received from lab managers, validating our commitment to delivering exceptional service. By embracing energy-efficient solutions, the University is actively contributing to a greener and more sustainable future.

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