Artic delivers full design and build mechanical project

Artic have recently undergone a full design and build mechanical project at the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS), a fertility clinic in London, working alongside Wilby Burnett.

The building originally occupied a children’s nursery with little ventilation comprising of a failed NVHR on the 2nd floor  an Air Handling Unit on the roof. Artic were asked to design and build the full mechanical project introducing the management of fresh clean air to all rooms within the building.

Artic completely overhauled the system and reconnected a new Swegon AHU with a run around coil and DX coil, to the existing ductwork once a deep clean had been completed. It was also fitted in an acoustic enclosure out of respect to the neighbours as residential properties surround plant area.

Due to the sensitive nature of the clinic, it was vital that each of the procedure rooms not only had a fresh clean air supply, but also high-quality filters that would remove even the tiniest airborne particles for ultimate indoor air cleanliness. Artic included the fitting of HEPA filters, a specific type of high-quality air filter that meets the HEPA filter standard, which is to remove at least 99.97% of particles from the air down to at least 0.3 microns in size.

The clinic’s cryogenics room was fitted with oxygen monitoring equipment in case of the event of a liquid nitrogen leak. Any atmosphere that contains less than 19.5 percent oxygen is hazardous and may not be entered by unprotected workers, so this was imperative to the welfare of the staff working in the cryo-area as a precaution. In the instance that this would happen, the fan would ramp up and start to pull in fresh air to bring the levels back to optimal.

Barry Richards, Senior Project Manager at Artic Building Services Ltd quoted: “The clinical nature of this project, played into our existing technical knowledge of clean environment works, which helped us deliver an aesthetically pleasing yet surgical grade installation.”

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