CAFM system

Artic Building Services’ commitment to developing and investment into our CAFM functionality and knowledge base is a fundamental ingredient to our bespoke and robust Service and Maintenance department. Although we operate and use a wealth of CAFM systems within the company, our chosen system is Tesseract.

At the heart of our business is our clients, and we employ Tesseract CAFM System to ensure that they can have 24-7 Remote Client Access to ensure peace of mind and up-to-the-minute knowledge for their sites whist able to transparently audit our performance.

Remote Client Access is a web browser tool that many of our clients currently use, which allows them to have live updated information. This can include asset details, breakdowns with engineer service reports and as part of their functionality, customers can log and monitor service calls, assigning them to Artic with SLA’s, input meter readings, raise purchase orders, all while having access to quotations at their fingertips. With the RCA tool, our clients can also use this to run tailored reports of outstanding and completed jobs or maintenances against core contract SLA’s.
Our engineers also have Remote Engineer Access, which allows the use of job functionality such as complete 1-Minute Risk Assessments, essential for H&S compliance, Van Stock, ensuring 75% of our call-outs to site are solved 1stFix. This is just one of the results of our CAFM systems ensuring we have correct stock levels of parts and tools on each of our engineer’s vans, thus saving our clients time and money.

Another function allows engineers to Dispatch Themselves to a Call. Engineers can do this on or offline; allowing them to be working in areas not covered by a mobile network. Engineers can also look at call and site history, they can see all past reports completed for either a site or an asset and gather relevant information about the job they are on.

As Tesseract and Artic progress, we are always looking for opportunities to grow and improve. We have many ideas and developments we are looking at implementing in the future, one of which is Geofencing. Geofencing is a tool that allows engineers to carry out certain tasks and have access to certain areas of tesseract when entering a desired location/area on a map.

Tesseract and Artic are currently working on a 5+ Step Program, including new features and highly recommended tools that have been requested by different companies as well as Artic. Some new features requested are Lone Worker Check-In to be implemented into our current Risk Assessment Tool, Live Engineer Chat Group, to improve communication between engineers and the office. This will also help in cases where there are many engineers on one job. Tesseract are looking into also improving camera integration, allowing engineers to scan barcodes or QR codes, as well as enabling location services for GPS tracking purposes. This will allow the office to give more accurate updates to clients when sending an engineer to a callout.


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