Employee of the Quarter

Artic rewards exceptional performance and good work from employees through nominations for Employee of the Quarter. This is a small token of the Company’s appreciation for excellent work.

Over the last quarter our employees have displayed some excellent teamwork and individual work skills, going above and beyond their job roles, displaying exceptional performance and providing exceptional service to our clients.

We would like to congratulate our Employee of the Quarter winners; Danny Moss, Harry Anderson, Josh Collins, Nat Newman, Nicky Sims-Brown, Simon Moynes and Shaun Busby.

We would also like to say a thank you to the following nominee’s:

Bonnie Passfield, Ben Ward, Barry Richards, Charlotte Divall, Connor McNaboe, Colin Jennings, Dave Couzens, George De Menezes, Gary Cormack, Gemma Lowe, Georgina Miles, Jack Hawney, Lee Rumble, Lewis Ellis, Neil Glennon, Reiss Hills, Sidney Rodrigues, Steve Pimlott, Troy Medhurst, Tom Mann

A big well done and thank you so much for your hard work and dedication.

employee of the quarter

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