Well done to our winter winner – Molly McGranaghan who was crowned Employee of the Quarter for her dedication to Artic Building Services and her department. She will always go that extra mile – Making sure her work is up to the standard and beyond what is expected of her with a positive attitude towards her work. Over the last six Months she has grown within her role and always shows confidence and enthusiasm. Also, Molly played an immense part in the move to crossways never complaining of what was asked of her and she put in all the hours that was needed.

Other Nominations were for:

Charlotte Woolley
Chris McAnallen
Veronica Dyer
Chris Cerisola
Darren Tyler
Tommy Hawley
Samantha Brockwell
Jamie O’Halloran
Paul Collette
Tony Pullig
John Brady
Dan Wilson
Neil Glennon
Darren Jedrzejewski
Craig Bush
Clare Sterry
Richard Knighton
Ben Ward
Georgette London
John Tyler
Amylee Parker
Lee Rumble
Sean Longman
Donna Peacock
Colin Trowell
Dean Walker



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