GSTT - o2 Cylinder

Guys and St Thomas’ Trust – Oxygen Main Installation

Project Start Date: April 2020
Project Completed: April 2020
Project Value: £196,000

Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust asked Artic to install the 76mm medical grade copper primary loop Oxygen line at the St Thomas’ site, including the sub ducts and lower ground floor corridors.

Artic have supported on a number of major projects at both Guys and St Thomas’ in the past and when approached by the trust they responded quickly to assist the hospital at such a crucial time during the Coronavirus pandemic.

The Scope

The existing 54mm main oxygen line had been deemed too small to supply the patient baseline numbers, and with the Government’s predicted figures at the early stages of the virus increasing rapidly it was important to act quickly. The oxygen line within  the hospital was initially needed to cope with the anticipated influx of patients.

In keeping with the trust’s environmental sustainability strategy, the aim was to withstand the provision of oxygen support to patients who were to be admitted to the hospital and struggling to breathe on their own. The potentially deadly Coronavirus can lead to an infection in the upper respiratory tract, and all serious consequences of Covid-19 feature pneumonia. For many patients, without this additional oxygen support they would struggle to fight for their lives alone.

As part of the project, Artic installed additional 54mm riser pipes from the new 76mm primary feeder pipe loops in the sub ducts, and LGF corridors.  These were also in medical grade copper, reaching the upper levels of various buildings.

Artic took delivery of a third liquid oxygen storage vessel (vacuum insulated evaporator) which was sited and connected to the opposite end of the campus, allowing the site to have a diverse alternate supply. This was always vital for the hospital’s ability to ensure a continual supply of oxygen across the estate.

Under the circumstances and in such unprecedented times, the procurement of the pipeline and associated components was a challenge. These materials were in high demand across England, and with many manufacturers closed or unable to import the materials, the team faced unfamiliar hurdles. The adaptability of the entire site team including support from the Army Corps of Royal Engineers, meant Artic were able to restructure all site works to accommodate the delivery.

While the project took place, there was the present danger of working in an environment where COVID-19 was present. To minimise any danger, Artic followed strict guidance on the Trust’s protocols. All engaged engineers were following enhanced measures when on site and were all in possession of full PPE for their own Health & Safety, that of the site, patrons, and the tasks to be undertaken.


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