Artic have successfully executed a comprehensive boiler replacement project, showcasing their expertise in delivering seamless solutions within complex environments. With a project value of £56K, this case study highlights Artic’s commitment to quality and efficiency in tackling challenges during the replacement of an aged boiler at a client site.

Project Overview:

In October 2023, Artic embarked on a boiler replacement project, aiming to replace a failed aged boiler with a state-of-the-art Ideal Viceroy boiler at a client site. The project involved various tasks, from isolating the old boiler and dismantling it to assembling and commissioning the new boiler.

Description of Works:

Artic attended the site, completing all necessary inductions to ensure a safe working environment. The team isolated the failed boiler using existing mechanical isolation valves. We ensured the safe isolation of the failed boiler from gas and electrical supplies, including the Building Management System (BMS).

Artic carefully dismantled the old boiler with the assistance of a specialist lift and shift contractor. They helped removed all parts of the failed boiler from the plant room and disposed of them off-site.

The existing boiler base was painted, and the lifting beam above the staircase was tested and certified for the efficient removal of the old boiler parts.

The team received the new Ideal Viceroy boiler, assembled it on the existing concrete base, and connected it to the services. A Riello RS50TC gas burner with a gas train was fitted to the new boiler, and modifications were made to the flow and return pipe work, connecting it to the new boiler positions.

Upon the correct positioning of the plant and pipework, the insulation was installed, the electrical and BMS cabling was connected, and the boilers were run up and commissioned.

Outcomes and Benefits:

The successful completion of the boiler replacement project by Artic resulted in several positive outcomes:

Efficient and Modern Heating: The installation of the Ideal Viceroy boiler ensures reliable and efficient heating for the client.

Compliance and Safety: All modifications and connections were made in compliance with relevant standards, ensuring safety and adherence to regulations.

Minimal Downtime: Artic’s strategic planning and execution minimised downtime, allowing for a swift transition from the old to the new boiler.

Environmental Responsibility: Responsible disposal of the old boiler components reflects Artic’s commitment to environmental sustainability.


Artic Building Services’ boiler replacement project exemplifies our dedication to providing efficient and sustainable building solutions. The successful completion of the project, meeting all safety and performance standards, showcases Artic’s ability to navigate complex challenges and deliver exceptional outcomes for their clients.


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