PROJECT: Mulberry

Project Outline:

Artic recently worked with leading British fashion company, Mulberry, after they realised the chillers at their headquarters needed continuous repairs and required a more cost-effective solution. Mulberry employed a consultant who addressed the issue and evaluated the current system and it was concluded that for the best possible results they were to have completely new chillers fitted. They made contact with Artic Building Services to analyse the situation, propose a solution and complete the installation of the new chillers on their premises.

The new chillers installed were York air cooled chillers fully equipped with scroll technology and were specified to provide cooling through the existing fan coil and air handling units. In addition, Artic installed these chillers to improve energy efficiency and reduce costs at the Mulberry Headquarters.

The York chillers solution meant the Artic team could use their industry expertise and knowledge to complete the project with speed whilst increasing cost effectiveness. As a result, the installation of these chillers resulted in Artic saving Mulberry approximately £30,000 in costs.

The project came with several important caveats to consider, most importantly the need to keep the disruption and noise to a minimum due to the affluent residential properties in the local area. With this in mind, Artic made the decision to undertake a noise survey from within the Mulberry building and from the nearby residential building that would be affected, in order to ensure the noise criteria set by the local authority was met and kept to a minimum. As a result of the noise test it can be concluded that the installation of the new chillers met the noise limit set out by the local authority and the work could proceed.

Another key factor was the operating business hours of the premises and the need to work quickly and efficiently whilst not disrupting business unnecessarily. To achieve this, Artic Building Services Ltd initiated the project over a weekend and made it a priority to have one of the new chillers back on line by the beginning of business on the Monday morning. The Artic engineers spent 4 weeks on site ensuring all mechanical and electrical services were installed to the satisfaction of the consultant and client; both the budget and timescales were met for this project.

Mulberry was and still is one of Artic’s long term maintenance clients and the relationship is regularly fulfilled by supplying services to them under the maintenance contract.

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