We support your transition to a greener future.

Reducing Carbon Emissions from your Buildings & Estates

Artic had the pleasure of hosting the first of a series of ‘getting to net zero’ Masterclasses partnering with the Knowledge Quarter. The Knowledge Quarter (KQ) is a consortium of research institutions, universities, museums, galleries and knowledge-sharing businesses located within a mile radius around King’s Cross, London. Working collectively, the Knowledge Quarter is catalysing and maximising organisational efforts to achieve net-zero carbon emissions in the heart of London. The event was designed to help their members understand their carbon/energy/sustainability obligations and develop strategies to achieve certain goals.

Learn more at their website www.knowledgequarter.london

Whilst Artic offers leading innovations to improve energy usage in line with Carbon Net zero targets to our clients, we also focus on improving our own. This includes adhering to strict protocols in association to our ISO standards and embracing all recommendations provided by our partnership with Planet Mark.

We look to deliver a low carbon, energy efficient, and sustainable future. This allows us to constantly evaluate and develop our service provision to match the ever-changing requirements of even the most demanding and challenging environments.

Our Carbon Net Zero Strategies:

  • Our core business is performing Planned Preventative Maintenance on Hard FM assets.
  • We promote behaviour changes to keep in line with achieving Carbon Net Zero.
  • We work with our clients to develop plans to optimise your existing assets including replacement upgrade programs to achieve carbon goals.
  • We have a directly employed, vastly experienced and flexible engineering and management team.
  • We provide turnkey project solutions.
  • We have condition-based maintenance specialists that monitor the real-time condition of your site’s assets and respond whenever they see energy saving opportunities.

Our directly employed engineering teams are conveniently located throughout London and the Home Counties which enables a fast and flexible approach for our technical resource to deliver sustainable solutions.

Knowledge Quarter Masterclass

A full copy of each of our informative presentations is available to view. You will hear from 4 of our specialist partners working with Knowledge Quarter partners to reduce carbon emissions from their buildings and estates. Please complete your details to access the link.

At Artic, we specialise in supporting your transition to a greener future. Partnering with you, and our specialist supply team, we will develop a tailor-made plan to your organisation. We have the resources, equipment and experience needed to tackle carbon emissions at sites of all sizes while managing any facilities challenges we face.

Conducting a comprehensive audit of your site, we will review your energy consumption and identify ways to improve your usage and reduce your energy bills. We always benchmark our solutions inline with industry and carbon accredited protocols to ensure we’re following best practices to achieve exceptional results.

Energy Management

Encred are the retained technical authors for the BESA SFG20 and SFG30 maintenance guides.

Encred offer a broad spectrum of professional building asset management services throughout the UK. They can help public or private clients to plan, design, construct, operate and maintain their buildings and property portfolios throughout the plant lifecycle.

Encred specialise in providing the systems and support that keep your buildings operating efficiently, with minimal problems and at the least expense throughout their life. In addition,

Encred’s services include engineering asset management, feasibility studies, asset and condition surveys, project management, operation and maintenance management, energy audits, energy surveys and accreditation services. Their in-depth technical expertise, innovative professional consulting services and years of industry experience can help ensure the smooth running and compliance of buildings or property portfolios, whether new or existing in the public or private sectors.


At the event, Encred discussed SFG20 and SFG30 maintenance regimes for empty or part occupied buildings, as a result of the Covid 19 Pandemic. They also highlighted additional requirements when reopening a building to the work force and the impact on energy consumption within these buildings.

Lastly, they discussed the various requirements on air ventilation and options to achieve legislative recommendations.


Partnering with Artic, Encred have carried out various projects to improve the resilience of services to buildings within the UCL estate. An example includes carrying out a TM44 inspection and producing an option study on a project to allow business operations to continue as normal.

In addition to the TM44 inspections across the estate, Encred produced an option study on how to disconnect P block at Clare Hall from the main Steam System. This allowed the main, uneconomical boiler house to be shut down but allow P block to still have a supply of steam to the building to allow operations to continue. We have also carried out a number of smaller projects to improve the resilience of services to a number of buildings such as NRM, Darwin Building and Nano Technology.

Your energy is their passion.

Founded in the UK in 2012, Carbon Numbers is a leader in employing cutting edge technologies with a dedicated fibre network and cloud-based IT system to deliver energy-saving BMS, lighting, energy, and metering services.

As well as installations, they provide consultancy services to support businesses with SECR, ESOS and ISO 50001 accreditations, and create a pathway to net zero carbon. Carbon Number’s award-winning reporting suite gives clients access to remotely control lighting, heating and much more, potentially saving on average, hundreds of thousands of pounds in energy.

At Carbon Numbers, they provide a truly independent solution to help businesses and organisations reduce energy consumption, cut costs and lower carbon emissions.


Do you know which areas of your business and buildings consume the most energy? Most homes, businesses and organisations do not operate to their full potential, resulting in efficiency performance gaps. It is important to benchmark your business’ energy usage to be able to identify where improvements can be made.

As well as improving the performance of buildings, having visibility of energy consumption will put your organisation in a better place to comply with ever-evolving energy legislation and guidelines. At the event, Carbon Numbers helped businesses navigate complex legislation such as ESOS and SECR and create a clear pathway to helping achieve Net Zero.


Daiwa Capital Markets Europe Limited, an award-winning investment bank, has a 5 year Energy Performance Contract (EnPC) with Carbon Numbers.

The agreement sees Carbon Numbers support the City of London based Daiwa in reducing carbon emissions by 3426 megawatts and prevent 1546 tonnes of CO2 being produced with up to 18% savings to be made. Services include Bill Validation, Sub Metering, FCU Recommissioning, and Remote Bureau Support and Assistance.

“We are pleased to be working with Carbon Numbers who have a solid track record of understanding and improving energy efficiency. Working together we believe that can create a sustainable business environment that won’t compromise the resilience of our facility.”

Daiwa Capital Markets

Boss Controls is a leading independent Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS/BMS) company. They specialise in effectively controlling buildings so that heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) are running at peak performance. Their services include:

  • Remote support services
  • 24-7 help-desk with call-out facility
  • Upgrades and minor installation
  • BMS alarms
Planned and Preventative Maintenance services (PPM)

Each building is different and therefore Boss Controls offer tailor-made PPM solutions based on the needs of your business, the building, and its occupants. Boss Controls’ expert engineers can reduce your energy consumption by controlling BMS via time, staff presence or conditions.

“Only systems that are measured can be improved, therefore, the more that it is measured, the greater the savings are that can be achieved.”

Boss Controls’ PPM services align with the Carbon Trust’s Principles of Good Building Control:

  • Improve comfort for employees and customers
  • Prolong the expectancy of your HVAC hardware

If you are responsible for a legacy BMS which has been superseded by newer technology, it is likely that device failure may present an operational risk. Modern technology operates more efficiently with smart strategies to manage your building’s energy consumption. Boss Controls will perform a fully specified hardware upgrade including replacing sensors, actuators, frequency inverters and control panel upgrades.

They are experts in market leading BMS products - Trend, Siemens, Distech and Tridium.


Has your building occupancy and usage evolved over the years? If so, your current BMS system may not be calibrated to suit the latest optimised occupancy patterns leading to wasting energy or failure to achieve the desired setpoints.

Boss Controls’ explained how their BMS expert engineers can amend your BMS control strategy to align with your current building usage, saving you money on running costs and deliver a more comfortable and productive building.


Under the Artic hard FM contract, Boss Controls check and monitor the BMS system to ensure optimal control of indoor environments is always achieved. Their remote monitoring facility can identify changes to strategic control strategies which can often lead to greater energy efficiency for the BMA.

Commercial buildings consume huge levels of energy, a staggering amount of which is wasted. In the UK a typical building is responsible for nearly 4 times the carbon emissions it was designed for. This is because the Building Services controlling energy consumption are highly complex, and performance is opaque.

Demand Logic is a UK-based, CleanTech and PropTech company, transforming buildings to become healthier and smash their carbon emissions.

Their mission is to use technology to empower property owners, occupiers and facility managers to better understand their buildings and to provide actionable recommendations to improve on their ESG targets. Demand Logic’s innovative technology collects and analyses building data to offer digestible and user-friendly recommendations while providing a collaborative tool for on-site teams.


Demand Logic were excited to discuss how making the most of existing data sources is the quickest and cheapest way to reducing energy waste, and how breaking the silos between property stakeholders leads to immediate improvements in energy performance, internal environmental quality and maintenance efficiency.

Demand Logic has won 14 awards in 5 years covering property technology, cleantech, building controls, smart cities, green buildings, energy, innovation and data analysis. They have been specifically mentioned in UK parliament, and are involved in multiple UK government consultations and advisory groups.


Demand Logic provide data analysis at two of Arup’s key offices. The system has given valuable insight into the efficiency of systems and helped focus maintenance and improve plant operation.

What our Clients think of us

“Artic have really made a difference supporting the BMA in meeting their sustainability ambitions. When Artic took over the hard FM contract, they completed a detailed energy audit to show potential innovative measures. Each new protocol or schemes of work which brought benefit to the BMA in terms of energy expenditure were itemised.
Some examples of this were lagging the pipework to minimise the loss of heat, updating the lighting to LED and adding PIR- based motion detectors. Artic fine-tuned the BMS to assist in our carbon management plan by operating the plant at peak efficiency.
Since partnering with Artic, the BMA has seen a significant reduction in our carbon footprint and an increase in energy efficiency.”

The British Medical Association

“Encred’s expertise working with Artic as their specialist energy partner, was instrumental in keeping our site fully operational through the major changes to the steam plant at our Clare Hall facility.”

University College London Estates

“I would just like to mention that John Tyler has gone to the top of my Christmas card list. John has thought outside the box and managed to salvage loads of boiler parts from the now defunct On-Call building boilers. John informs me that he can use these parts to keep the 4 Windsor Walk boilers functioning until we eventually have this boiler house refurbished. I have thanked John for his dedication and foresight.”

King’s College London

I am happy to thoroughly endorse the services of Artic Building Services.
Having worked with them over a number of years, we have seen the benefit of their pro-active engagement on their contract and ability to advise and offer practical solutions to the college.
Artic have immersed themselves in the colleges Carbon Management Programme and have supported us in making instrumental changes to help move towards achieving our planned reduction targets. They are a worthy partner and we look forward to developing our important work with them.

Birkbeck, University of London



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