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Artic has a dedicated Energy division to ensure we operate to all required Energy protocols and guidelines. This is supported by our continued commitment to the ISO 14001 accreditation and we keep a breadth of changes within the Energy Industry and voice direction or opinion.

Currently, the government does not have a very strong energy efficiency plan in place and as of January 2016 Amber Rudd, the Secretary for State for Energy and Climate Change, has admitted that the department need to introduce new measures in this parliament if the UK is to have any chance of meeting legally binding emissions and renewable targets.

Before making any sweeping changes or deciding on action though, it would be advisable for the government to speak to the bodies involved and organisation within the industry; who know which green measures may be the most effective and beneficial for the UK’s growth and also to achieve green targets.

Opposition parties have suggested that Rudd’s department is likely to miss the 2020 EU Renewable Energy target but the department remains resolute and does not accept this assertion.

In July, a review of major projects run by the Department of Energy and Climate Change was conducted and found that many as 10 projects were found to be behind target and it was also around this time that the government made the choice to scrap the Green Deal Scheme, removing what have been described as one of the biggest home improvement schemes the UK has seen since the 1940s. The Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme is still in progress but it is predicted to finish far up ahead of its projects deadline of March 2017, once again taking away some of the potential energy efficiency obligations the government and effected bodies have to adhere to.

Progress on energy efficiency is not looking great at present which is why the Secretary for Energy has made a commitment to ensure targets are met. There will be many different considerations before they make their final decisions on how to move forward but it is essential they take in the advice and expert opinion of industry professionals.

Public interest in eco-friendly and green technologies is growing and the government needs to be mindful of delivering what the population want as well as hitting their EU targets. Solar PV installations are becoming more popular and public interest suggests that the renewable sector is growing and it should be supported by the government in a positive way, rather than through punitive measures such as scrapping the funding to the Green Deal Finance Company.

Construction companies and professionals in the renewable sector or those hoping to move into the sector need reassurance from the government that there is an incentive to keep moving in this direction and at present, this is something that is sorely missing.

Artic provides a comprehensive Energy partnering solution for all M&E plant and this means we can help to map your current operation standards, seek out and define improvements, maintain your internal environmental conditions, help budget your energy spend and guide you to effectively use your energy efficiently.

An example of our Energy services has been the integral Partnership we have created with Kings College London across their 100+ sites.  From award in 2012, Artic has been central in operating within their desired Carbon Efficiency Workshops whilst gaining technical knowledge of the plant on site.

From this insight Artic provided bespoke intelligence and solutions to client for the purpose of increasing the energy efficiency of the AC and Heating plant throughout the sites.