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Caitlyn’s Journey Inspires at Kings College Hospital

This International Women’s Day, we celebrate Caitlyn Gold, whose inspiring journey from contracts administrator to AC apprentice at Kings College Hospital (KCH) showcases dedication, courage, and the power of opportunity.

Finding her Passion:

Caitlyn, known for her active lifestyle and “can-do” attitude, wasn’t content being desk bound at our Head office. Seeking a more hands-on career, she explored an alternative path and transitioned to the Apprenticeship Program at Artic. Caitlyn’s bravery in pursuing her passion highlights the opportunities available at Artic for individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Thriving in a Supportive Environment:

Embracing the challenge, Caitlyn joined the experienced and skilled team onsite at King’s College Hospital (KCH). Her eagerness to learn and positive attitude resonated with her colleagues, creating a supportive environment crucial for growth. This collaborative and mentorship-focused culture has empowered Caitlyn to thrive and build confidence in her new role. HVAC Apprentice KCH

Beyond Skills, Building Trust:

Caitlyn’s story goes beyond acquiring technical skills. Her presence at KCH reflects Artic’s understanding of the critical role played by trainee engineers in healthcare facilities.  From her office days she acquired the knowledge of needing to deliver the highest standard of service. Her higher work ethic and dedication now contribute to maintaining comfortable, safe and healthy environments for patients and staff, reflecting a shared commitment to patient well-being.

“Excited for the Future”:

“These past few weeks have been amazing,” Caitlyn shares. “The team at KCH has been welcoming and supportive, and I’m already learning so much about HVAC systems and their critical importance in maintaining healthy environments. I’m excited to see what the future holds and how I can contribute further.”

BMS Healthcare EngineerInvesting in the Future:

Caitlyn’s experience is just one example of Artic’s commitment to fostering talent and creating inclusive work environments. With over 30% of the workforce being female, including prominent management positions, Artic actively encourages and supports career development for individuals from all backgrounds. Their high apprentice retention rate and engagement with local schools demonstrate their dedication to building a diverse and skilled future generation in the industry.

Caitlyn’s journey serves as a powerful reminder that personal growth and career fulfilment are possible when passion meets opportunity and support. At Artic, we are proud to empower individuals like Caitlyn and partner with clients like KCH to make a positive impact in the communities we serve.

Happy International Women’s Day!

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